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Investing is the cornerstone of any wealth accumulation and management strategy. By choosing the advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies to manage your investments, you benefit from our deep financial experience and world-class investment research and resources. But perhaps most importantly, you gain a committed partner who understands your priorities—and whose #1 priority is to help you achieve your financial goals.

The advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies offer securities exclusively through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC and an independent broker/dealer.

As your investment advisors, we are committed to providing the highest quality service and expertise, grounded in the following tenets:


A Customized Investment Strategy
In managing your assets, we spend a lot of time at the outset to understand your time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial objectives. Based on this, we can develop a personalized investment plan that translates your financial goals and personal preferences into suitable investing guidelines and strategies.

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The Power of Asset Allocation
Using an asset allocation approach, we’ll recommend a mix of investments designed to provide the optimal balance of risk and return for your unique situation. Asset allocation is the investor’s equivalent of “not putting all your eggs in one basket” by spreading your portfolio across different types of investments—stocks, bonds, and cash (among others). In doing so, you are able to spread your risk with the goal of achieving more consistent, steady returns over the long run. (Note: Asset allocation does not ensure profit nor guarantee against loss.)

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Uncompromised Objectivity
As independent advisors, we are not limited to any one brand or class of investments. This allows us to be picky in selecting investments for our clients that we believe provide the best overall value. We are fee-based, which means our compensation is tied to your portfolio’s success and our interests are better aligned with yours. You can trust that we’ll never recommend an investment unless we truly believe it represents the best value for your portfolio.

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Active Management
Wealth management is not a passive responsibility. By placing your investments under the care of a professional financial advisor, you can be confident that someone is always keeping an eye on your portfolio and looking out for potential opportunities to optimize returns. We’ll be monitoring your portfolio regularly and meeting with you periodically to evaluate performance and assess if any adjustments are needed to keep you on course.

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