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As an officer or director, you are likely involved in making investment decisions for your organization. With today’s low interest rates and the stock market’s recent volatility, corporate decision makers are feeling the pressure to increase returns—yet are concerned about taking on too much risk.

The advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies can provide your organization with institutional investment guidance associated with investment responsibilities and liabilities. By making the success and growth of your organization’s portfolio our primary focus, your valuable time and energy can be more fully devoted to core job duties and responsibilities.

We offer securities exclusively through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC and an independent broker/dealer.

As your investment advisors, we are committed to providing the highest quality service and expertise, grounded in the following tenets:


Customized Investment Policy Statement & Strategy
Whether or not your organization has a current Investment Policy Statement (IPS) in place, this is where we will start. The IPS is a formal statement of objectives that will help us establish your investment goals, time horizon and risk tolerance—the three core elements that will help determine reasonable expectations for your rate of return. The advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies then design an investment portfolio that reflects the IPS, using the depth of our experience and the finest available research tools to select the investments that meet your organization’s unique needs.

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Balancing Short-Term Working Capital Needs with Long-Term Goals
Corporate officers and directors must ensure that sufficient funds are available to fulfill working capital requirements and meet other unforeseen needs. At the same time, institutional investors know they must also have a long-term investment strategy that focuses on outpacing inflation and helping the growth of core holdings. In designing your portfolio, the advisors at Estes Wealth Strategies focus on finding the right balance between short-term and long-term objectives and identifying the mix of investments that can satisfy each.

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Institutional Asset Allocation
A core component of our investment strategy is the process of institutional asset allocation, a diversification best practice used by most large, institutional investors to manage risk.  Diversification can help mitigate the negative effect of an investment’s poor performance on your overall portfolio. By spreading your investments across different asset classes, you also are better positioned for more consistent returns over the long run. (Note: asset allocation does not ensure profit nor guarantee against lost.)

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Uncompromised Objectivity
As independent advisors, we are not limited to any one brand or class of investments. This allows us to be picky in selecting  investments for our clients that we believe provide the best overall value. We are fee-based, which means our compensation is tied to your portfolio’s success and our interests are better aligned with yours. You can trust that we’ll never recommend an investment unless we truly believe it represents the best value for your portfolio.

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Active Management
Asset management is not a passive responsibility. By placing your investments under the care of a professional financial advisor, you can be confident that someone is always keeping an eye on your organization’s investment portfolio and looking out for potential opportunities to optimize returns. We’ll be monitoring your portfolio regularly and meeting with you periodically to evaluate performance and assess if any adjustments are needed to keep you on course.

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